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One of the wondrous surprises in life is discovering that after loss, joy, comfort and abundant love can be found, sometimes in unlikely places. This beautiful little story explores the resilience of the heart and the love that lies all around us, and demonstrates that even in grief, happy new beginnings await us. I will not soon forget this book." Laura Hillenbrand~author of "Seabiscuit~ An American Legend"

It's a wonderful book and you should be very proud - especially for donating the proceeds to charity. We certainly appreciate your effort on our behalf....I will be sure to tell everyone I know about it. Whenever we have a fundraiser, we will be sure to have you come to sell books. We have the bed races next in August. Margie Handley, The Howard Foundation

I bought your lovely book. I read it to Jay on our way home from the Broiler. It's a beautiful book, nicely written and beautifully illustrated- a sad story with a sweet ending. Have you thought about marketing the book to Redwood Children's Services and Tapestry Family Services and possibly to therapists in general? It would be an asset to the therapists and parents working with young foster children and families/parents of adopted children. I will use it in my private practice as a tool with children who have a second mommie. It's also a nice way to illustrate that one can go on even with a loss as great as "mom". Also, it's wonderful that the proceeds go to such worthy causes! Thanks Roni! Well done!!
Lael Fraser

Roni - Your book arrived! I can't wait to show it to the grandchildren. I think it will be a great inspiration to many, especially children who are going through hard times. The illustrations are delightful and just perfect. It will have a place with my very special books. Thanks for signing it to me.

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Dear Roni -

On behalf of our agency director Sharon Kiichli and the Tapestry Family Services staff, thank you for the lovely donation of two editions of Josephine A Tale of Hope and Happy Endings. In my role as Operations Manager at TFS I am often asked to read contracts, review protocol and comb through policy and procedure documents; Josephine was a very nice change of pace! (We thought the illustrations were particularly well done).

Your assessment that the material might be relevant to the children and families served at Tapestry was on target. The story had a gentle way of addressing such a very hard subject.Thank you for your consideration, and our best wishes to Josephine.

Sincerely, Helen Falandes
Operations Manager,Tapestry Family Services

Thank you so much. I am sorry for the delay in responding, we are in the middle of our first camp of the season. The books will be a great addition for our kids camp. I appreciate you thinking of us. I am attaching an in-kind form in case you would like one for your donation.

Have a wonderful summer,

Beth Jones, Camp Director
Camp Mak-A-Dream
Phone: 406-549-5987
Fax: 406-549-5933

Hi Roni,
We did receive them...thank you very much. We gave copies to our Hospital Outreach Teams in Boston, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The books are beautiful and we sincerely appreciate your generosity. Best wishes,

Mary Naumec, MS, CCLS
Hospital Outreach Program Director
The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp
565 Ashford Center Road
Ashford, CT 06278
(860) 429-3444

I'd like to thank Roni McFadden. She is the author of a children's book called Josephine, A Tale of Hope and Happy Endings. It's the true story of a little filly horse who lost its mother and got a surrogate mother. Josephine, the filly, is a granddaughter of Seabiscuit. Roni, the author, worked for the vet for the horses and was so touched by the story she turned it into a children's book. The book is not even released yet. This weekend, Roni is having her first book signing. My mom and Lonny met her out here. Her and her daughters were staying in the RV parked next to my mom and Lonny's because her husband was here at Stanford having brain surgery. Roni gave Reagan an autographed copy of the book and has sent more copies to the Ronald McDonald House here in honor of Reagan. Thank you for doing this. I pray each child, parent or grandparent that picks up these copies at the RMH will be touched by this sweet story.
Jen Williams, mother of 3 year old Reagan Grace, heart patient at Stanford Hospital from Texas
A picture of Reagan Grace Williams with the Josephine book

Lonny and I send thanks to you. Reagan's daddy leaves Friday for Afghanistan for a year. Please continue to keep her family in your prayers. Thank you so much! We have told many people about you and your book. We came home to find our special book - we will cherish it and share it for years and years to come. i'm using it wednesday as i speak to my ladies at church.
Hope your hubby is doing great.
let's keep in touch.
much love,
The Davis'
grandparents of Reagan

Joesphine is a book that will warm the hearts of everyone who reads it. It is a wonderfully wholesome story based on the life of the great-granddaughter of the legendary racehorse Seabiscuit. Children will love this enchanting story and I think adults will enjoy reading it to their children or grandchildren. I would highly recommend it to all families with children; not just those who love horses, because it is so beautifully written. In the story we read of the overwhelming love between a horse and her foal Josephine - and we share the loss that the young foal faces early in it's life - yet along with the grief of that loss, we are able to experience through the foal's eyes the hope and joy of finding a future and happiness again in the world. It is written in a way that is totally non-threatening and has an ending that a child would find comforting and uplifting, and full of hope. The illustrations add to the whole appeal of this book, and my daughter who is eighteen and totally into horses found it utterly charming and has it proudly on her bookshelf along with her other equine books. She is intending to read it to our neighbor's little girl when we next visit. This book should have a place in every home and I am sure it will be treasured by all, for years to come.
Linda Larson, Illinois

- Your book arrived! I can't wait to show it to the grandchildren. I think it will be a great inspiration to many, especially children who are going through hard times. The illustrations are delightful and just perfect. It will have a place with my very special books. Thanks for signing it to me. Eileen, Shingletown, CA

That was a wonderful story about "Josephine" in the Willits News. Thanks for sending us the link. My great niece Julia loves her copy and sends her many thanks.

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If your age is 3 weeks, or 3 years, or 3x3 years, or 3x3x3+3x3x3+3x3 years, or anywhere in between, we think this book is for you. We’ve laughed, cried, talked over, reread, cried, laughed, talked about, and completely enjoyed this little treasure which tells the true story of a young horse, her mother, and of many others who love them. A simple narrative, with unsophisticated illustrations, Josephine, A Tale of Hope and Happy Endings has given us hours of thought provoking and completely entertaining reading. We expect it to continue to be a favorite book of ours for 3x3x3x3x3x3x3 years. And we’d like to have somewhere in our area where we can buy it for our children and grandchildren.
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Natalie, Ben, Mindy, Emily – Portland, Maine