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Baby Josephine    Another pic of baby Josephine     A statue of Seabiscuit

From left to right: Baby Josephine with her mother Lacy, baby Josephine standing, Former Vice-President and Mrs. Walter Mondale at the unveiling of the new Seabiscuit statue in 2007 at the Ridgewood Ranch in Willits

Pack Station, 1967     Petro Rock     Millstone

Again from left to right: The pack station of 1967, ancient petroglyph rock, and a large grinding stone used for centuries by the Native people of the Owens Valley.

Josephine running     Josephine at 10 days     Midnight and Josephine

Also from left to right: Josephine kicking up her heels, 10 days old, and with her adoptive mother Midnight

Poppin and Roni     Pack Station Corrals     Roni and Poppin at the Pack Station

Poppin and Roni, the pack station corrals, and Roni with Poppin at the Pack Station

Sparol Clipped

Sparol, Roni's first horse, 1965