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The front cover of JosephineThe Biscuit Press was founded by Roni McFadden of Willits in 2009 with the debut their first book, "Josephine~A Tale of Hope and Happy Endings" in May 2010. Having been around horses all her life, and having a gift for writing, Roni has found her "sweet spot" with The Biscuit Press and the projects they have just released! Truely a dream come true for the author/founder. A mother of four and grandmother of 14, Roni lives in Willits, California with her husband of 40 years, John. Little did they know when moving to Northern California that the property they bought and built a house on was once part of the Ridgewood Ranch, home of the famous racehorse Seabiscuit. Roni began a career with the equine vets that have cared for the horses at the ranch for over 20 years and remembers the day that would change her life forever... the call, the encounter and the events that unfolded that particular day... and so the story of Josephine began. She is excited to be a part of this philanthropic project and eager to see the results of what "Josephine ~ A Tale of Hope and Happy Endings" can do!

The Longest Trail



Roni is excited to announce the publication of her new book "The Longest Trail" about her teenage years at a pack station in the High Sierras.